Future Drought Fund

Integrating index-based insurance and optimal crop management strategies to reduce financial risk and improve income stability

Drought undermines the financial sustainability of Australian primary producers. This transformative project will integrate insurance solutions with optimal crop management strategies to maximise profitability and income stability

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Drought Resilience

The project will facilitate the financial transformation of farming during drought by providing integrated crop management and insurance options that:

  1. provide information about the crop management actions that will increase farmer profitability and
  2. insurance options that will give farmers the confidence to invest in these profitability and resilience increasing management actions without suffering financial losses if severe drought conditions occur.

By coupling drought management and insurance options together this project will not only increase the profitability of Australian farmers, but importantly increase their resilience to future droughts by providing an important self-reliance mechanism through insurance. Importantly, working together with peak bodies, FDF hubs, and commercial partners the project will enhance farmer understanding and awareness of the use of insurance as a drought management tool for a farm business.

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Queensland Farmers Federation
Email: Kerry@qff.org.au
Phone: 07 3837 4720

University of Southern Queensland
Email: shahbaz.mushtaq@usq.edu.au
Phone: 07 4631 2019

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