Australia-India Strategic Research Fund - Round 12

Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation Processes for Farmers and Agribusiness

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தமிழ்நாடு வேளாண்மை பல்கலைக்கழகம்

Project Details

Project description

This project will develop resilient climate risk management systems, best practices and innovative insurance products that will help shield smallholder farmers and agri-businesses from physical and financial disasters associated with climate change

The project will enhance capacity and capability in research and development in climate risk and climate finance systems

Project Objectives
  • To identify and develop appropriate seasonal to multi-year forecast systems at agro-climatic zone level to target selected agricultural management decision processes
  • To develop financial risk management tools and innovative insurance products that are cognisant of the history of climate variability
  • To design knowledge-driven national and sub-national level adaptation, mitigation and risk management strategies
  • To develop suitable policy interventions for upscaling and mainstreaming the project findings in government schemes
  • To enhance the capacity of scientists and other stakeholders in addressing climate change adaptation through structured capacity building program
Key Industries

Cotton, sugar, coffee, mango, and tea industries across agricultural value chains in India and Australia

Overall Approach

The project will utilise seasonal to multi-year climate forecasting as a practical, incremental approach to better managing climate change risk and to link with leading re/insurance agencies to develop more innovative financial risk transfer solutions

The approach is built on the notion that integrated climate risk management and risk transfer is required to enhance the adaptive capacity of farmers/agribusiness and in turn maximize resilience within agricultural production systems

Project Partners
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – India
  • University of Southern QLD – Australia
  • Queensland Farmers Federation – Australia
  • Willis Towers Watson – Australia and global

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Project Outcomes

  • Greatly improving collaboration between Australian and Indian partners to jointly develop strategies to create climate change science-focussed research and development
  • Enhancing innovative breakthroughs in addressing issues associated with ‘residual risk’, which are suitable for transfer into appropriate insurance systems
  • Enhancing the scaling-up and adaptability to any agricultural region and community in the world
  • Creating enhanced conduits in shaping agro-climate policy and decision-making through improved collaboration between climate scientists and policymakers
  • To develop suitable policy interventions for upscaling and mainstreaming the project findings in government schemes


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